Buildings and concrete roofs that are continually exposed to moisture will deteriorate fast due to soaking of water. The soaking of water causes weakening and fast deterioration of the exposed surfaces. We have a professionally trained team with accumulated experience in installation of APP membranes, Bitumen based roof waterproofing for Concrete roofs, concrete structures, dam and water structures, swimming pools as well as reservoirs and tanks, and foundations. We also do maintenance works on leaking flat roofs and structures that have run down on water proofing. Our waterproofing solutions are applied in some of the following areas:

  • Concrete roofing waterproofing using Colas waterproofing products as well as APP
  • Water tanks waterproofing solutions
  • Dams and water canals waterproofing solutions.
  • Swimming pools waterproofing and repair works
  • Structural foundations waterproofing.

APP Waterproofing Membrane supply and Installation – We outsource our APP Membranes from reputable manufacturers and offer installation services to concrete roofs using our highly trained team to offer our clients quality work. All our waterproofing works are supervised by a highly trained Engineer.

Colas Colaskote Water-proofing: We have partnered with the world’s most reputable bitumen water proofing manufacturer, Colas East Africa, who are one of our main suppliers, to come up with tailored solutions to suit our clients waterproofing needs. This helps us to guarantee our clients high quality products and service delivery in all our waterproofing services.