Football Pitches


Most football pitches are made from natural grass or synthetic turf. We design and build football pitches to suit our client’s specifications. Our football pitches will achieve the right grass texture, proper drainage, international specifications as well as a six month free maintenance to achieve the proper density and landscaping. Our outdoor football pitch installations are supervised and monitored carefully to achieve the highest quality standards.

Hockey Pitches

hockey pitches

We build and maintain all weather hockey pitches as well as water-based natural grass hockey pitches to suit our client’s requirements. Our superior grade of hockey pitch using artificial turf has a very high density of artificial grass with no sand infill thus providing a consistent ball roll and bounce. The pitch is fully irrigated with a layer of water which results in an extremely fast and professional game. Due to the absence of sand, the blades of artificial grass are free-moving which enables players to get their hockey stick under the ball. This allows for a technical game with many possibilities

  • Other sports pitches and courts: We also build netball sports pitches and courts, volleyball sports pitches and badminton sports pitches.